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Hello and welcome to my personal portfolio. My name is Shammika Munugoda (and don't let that surname scare ya!) and I'm an enthusiastic, passionate Internet and Online Marketing Consultant from Melbourne, Australia.
I have over 6 years of hands-on, industry experience on developing web systems and mobile applications ranging from simple and basic to complex, dynamic and critical content management systems.
I specialise in back-end web development, building database orientated web systems, content management systems, iPhone and Android applications developement with an extensive emphasis on functionality, usability and most importantly, search engine optimizability (SEO).
Currently I work for an online Internet (that's right folks! 'Internet' is always spelt with a capital 'I') marketing company in Brighton where I manage and oversee all technical aspects of our web projects. As a team, collectively, we produce highly scalable, results-driven web systems and we pride ourselves in what we produce.
After having acquired a Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems from RMIT University in Melbourne and a Master degree in Enterprise Architecture in J2EE from Swinburne University in Hawthorn, I started to realise that the industry was getting ready for a paradigm shift, everything was shifting from desktop to web-based systems. Every company wanted and needed a web site, no matter how small their company was, they felt that a web site would give them the edge over their competitors. This led me to be more interested and savy about the 'Internet' and its applications.
I design and develop websites for an affordable price, whether you need a professional website for your business or simply require a personal website, I can help. I consider myself as a well-versed web developer than just a web designer, as I design, code, implement, fine-tune and oversee the entire project from A to Z, not just the graphical, aesthetic aspects. I understand that the procedure of building up a website can be very confusing and in most cases expensive. My mission is to provide you with the best solution for your requirements, and to get your company online at a very reasonable cost. Please feel free to browse through my previous and present work, both professional and personal.
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